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SuperFerry was born out of nearly a century of shipping experience. In 1907, the company embarked on a shipping venture that led to many innovations in the industry, including the creation of SuperFerry in 1990 and the SuperCat in 1995. Sea travel became a whole new experience for Filipinos. Now we enjoyed the extraordinary quality of SuperFerry and SuperCat: second to none standards of safety and Filipino hospitality in the comfortable environment of our vessels.


We believe that every passenger’s journey should be a unique and enriching experience, as memorable as the reaching ones destination. A journey is not about time lost but time gained. It’s a voyage ripe with possibility from the moment a trip is booked on our nationwide online ticketing system or the Internet, to the moment you return home safe and sound. Our new brand drives us towards these goal.



Our brand promise... A PASSION FOR SERVICE.


Our ambition is simple…to provide the best travel experience to our passengers. We place the highest importance on making every voyage safe, enjoyable and comfortable. We strive to keep our vessels clean and on schedule. We work to make the SuperFerry and SuperCat affordable options. All these we deliver as a united team that is passionate about our service.


Our brand attributes are the building blocks of our brand. They define the way we behave and set us apart from our competitors.

SIMPLE Our approach and our delivery style are simple. Our policies and processes are easy to understand and implement.


ENJOYABLE A journey on the SuperFerry is an enjoyable experience. Ever aspect of our service helps the customer feel happy during the trip.


PASSION TO SERVE The quality of our service reflects our passion to serve. We continually strive to find ways to delight those whom we serve.


ALWAYS AN OPTION We work hard to ensure that we are always an option. We recognize that we have diverse passengers so we provide varied schedules and a range of affordable rates our passengers can choose from. We make it easy for them to purchase tickets by being available wherever they are.

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